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Hi folks! I'm having trouble with the page camera and the moleksine smart notebook. It seems that the camera consistently cuts off the top of the page, even when the top is in the "border" area of the page camera. I'm using an iPhone 4 & the large notebook. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I looked at the video and getting started portion of the site. Any help would be appreciated.

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And here we are 2 years later and I'm still seeing this with the iOS app (7.6.2), an iPad2 mini (ME276LL/A), iOS 8.1.2 (12B440).  Sometimes the clipped area is outside of the "blinders" and lost forever but sometimes the clipped area is included in the note but not visible.


As a workaround,  I just use the photo camera and take HD stills.  It's inefficient and wastes space (on devices and a EN's data center -- but HD's are cheap) and bandwidth.


Why do these bugs/issues never get fixed, but we can redesign the user interface every release?   I guess skeumorphism is no longer the cool/hip thing on OSX, so lets redesign the EN 6 GUI for the sake of appearance.

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