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  1. I reinstalled, and that seemed to help for a bit. However, I still see the progress bar on the lower left corner not making any progress...
  2. My install of 5.0.3 has the same sync issue. My Inbox notebook on my Mac has not updated. Evernote says "processing" in the bottom left corner, but doesn't get any progress on the bar.
  3. Hi folks! I'm having trouble with the page camera and the moleksine smart notebook. It seems that the camera consistently cuts off the top of the page, even when the top is in the "border" area of the page camera. I'm using an iPhone 4 & the large notebook. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I looked at the video and getting started portion of the site. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks again everyone. I'd still like to see a button for this, to make it work for the mobile versions.
  5. Thank you, now I feel foolish. Is there a similar thing for Mac?
  6. Basically all of them. Can you help me out? I'm not seeing that as an option, but I may have missed it.
  7. It would be useful to be able to insert a date or time stamp in my notes (or in the title bar) with a right click or button. That way I could keep a running log of when in a day I added items.
  8. I've noticed that if I do a search on the iPhone app such as changing notebooks then return to the main screen for results and start scrolling, the app crashes. This behavior is fairly consistent. I'm running Evernote on a first gen iPhone, 8 gig. Any ideas?
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