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(Archived) How do I restore unsynced notes from evernote folder on SD Card?


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For the last month or so, all the notes I've entered into the Evernote Android App have not synced to my account. When I would click 'sync', it would say 'sync failed' within seconds.

To fix the problem, I first made a backup copy of the 'evernote' folder located on the SD Card. I then went into "Manage Applications" in the android settings menu and cleared app data. Upon reopening Evernote, it prompted for my username and password, and synced perfectly fine.

The issue is, my notes for the past month have not synced. Here is my question: Is there a way to restore my notes from this last month, via the 'evernote' folder located on the SD Card?

Within the folder, I notice individual content.enml files which contain the data of each note. I'm unsure of a way to mass-import all of these into my evernote account.

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Hi kev12mich, welcome to the forum :)

I recall seeing a thread that suggests that the "content.enml" files can be renamed as html files and imported into your account that way, but I can't say for certain.

I think the best option would be to contact Evernote support, since they will know the best procedure for these notes.


Make sure that you get an auto response with a ticket number, otherwise the ticket wont have gone through.

If you post your ticket number here as well, any passing Evernote staff here, can follow what is going on as well.


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