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(Archived) Confused about my evernote "view"

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Kind of tough to answer with the little info supplied.

Depends on the operating system.

Did you just maximize a note to full screen? If so, you can close it and you will see the general menu.

In Windows, you can toggle the following screens on and off

F10 - Left Panel

F11 - Note List

Ctrl + F11 - Note Panel

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sorry about that, I am on mac lion 10.7..I dont think I have maximized a note to ful screen, when I first got the program the default look had a notebook like feel, now the look is with all the notes displayed together on the screen as A4 like thumbnails, for the life of me I cannot find how to get it back, when you open one of these thumbnails it displays as a full screen which i do not like at all.

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