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paperless admission office?

Betsy E

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Does anyone know of a k-12 admission office using Evernote? I am looking into it to make our application reading a paperless enterprise and would love to hear ideas and suggestions from others.

I am the director of admission and financial aid at Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, MI.

Betsy Ellsworth

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Betsy, I don't know of a K-12 office, but colleges have certainly moved to this over the last 5 - 10 years. The Common App in particular does this. The trick is to give the user the ability to add PDF files (or other types of files) to add additional information. Also, some references (if you require them) may not have the ability to send them by email so providing a snail mail method would be wise.

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Betsy, I'm not in admissions, but I am a school administrator (AP) who is paperless thanks to Evernote and my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. As an administrator, I have several papers that come through my office every day (discipline referrals, leave requests, observation notes, lesson plans, etc.), and I scan everything into Evernote. I use tags to document specific-teacher documents (like leave requests, observations, notes, etc.) to pull up all the documents for one teacher. For discipline referrals, I have create one note for each week and upload the PDF scans of referral notices to that one note each week.


I imagine that in admissions, you have several different documents that come in (transcripts, application letters, referrals, etc.), and I would recommend creating a system of tags and notebooks for applicants. You will also have the ability to share notebooks with your colleagues and that will help when trying to track down a certain document.


Going paperless with Evernote works great for me! Hopefully you can make it work for you as well. 

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