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Have been using Evernote for sometime but only just begun to explore it in more detail. I understand that one can have more than one notebook to organise documents better. At present I have a free account and have just one notebook. I mostly use Evernote on my iPhone or iPad. I am looking to organise the notes in some sort of folders which I understand is about having different notebooks and then stacking the notes in the respective notebooks. My questions

- Am I correct in my understanding?

- How do I add a notebook from my iPhone, if that is possible?

- Can notes be stacked in the iPhone app?

Thanks very much for helping out.

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I don't know how you do it on the iPhone, or even whether it can be done, but you can do it on Android, so hopefully there's a way on iOS as well.

You cannot "stack notes" on any platform; you can only stack notebooks (maybe that's what you meant). The hierarchy is:

Stack: a stack can contain only notebooks (and not notes directly, or stacks)

Notebook: a notebook can only contain notes (and not stacks or other notebooks)

Note: a note only contains note content (and not notes, noteboks or stacks)

Again, I'm not sure how to add notebooks onto a stack in iOS or whether you can do it at all -- you can do it in Android.

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Hi Serenity-

First, you'll want to create a new note.

In the top right you'll see an "i" information icon, open that up.

You'll bring up a menu with options and you'll see the "Notebook" detail. Click to open up a listing of all your Notebooks.

At the top of the iPhone app, you'll see the familiar magnifying glass with a seach box. Type the name of your new Notebook and then click the + to the right or the ADD to the left. This will create the new Notebook.

Navigate back twice and you'll be back at your new note, ready to edit. It'll automatically be placed into your newly created Notebook.

Hope this helps


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