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(Archived) Does Evernote offer Push Sync?

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I travel a lot for work and carry an Android phone, iPad, and laptop at all times with Evernote loaded on each. I hop on and off of planes and I can't always sync Evernote on each device before losing an internet connection.

What I want is to be able to update a notebook on my Android phone and have the same update pushed to all my other devices automatically, so when I hop on the plane, my iPad will be up-to-date even if I didn't launch Evernote and sync it before losing my connection.

Is that functionality possible on either the free or paid version?

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The short answer is no.

AFAIK, even services that offer a push sync (like Exchange Server) cannot push when the device is off, or in sleep mode.

The only sync Evernote provides is a pull sync, but you can setup auto-sync intervals as short as 5 min on the desktop (EN Win, EN Mac) client.

The smartphone and tablet clients will only sync when the EN app is active. These mobile clients generally sync whenever you switch to the EN app, or close a new or updated note. Of course you can always do a manual sync at any time.

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