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(Archived) IMAP on TMobile G1

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To the group -- I really need some help.

I've tried to IMAP my G1 to no avail -- I've followed the directions on the help site

and even mirrored the settings of which I have on my Ipod-Touch and and I keep

getting connection errors.

If anyone or the Moderator can outline the settings step by step that would be great.

I feel like an idiot -- yet this shouldn't be that confusing or difficult etc..

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I don't have a G1, but it looks like people are having trouble with IMAP/POP on the G1, in general:

http://gizmodo.com/5068743/t+mobile-g1s ... il-is-down

http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2008/10/ ... t-so-good/

Here's a few things you could try:

Make sure that you have configured it so that it does NOT use SSL or "secure authentication" for IMAP. This makes the protocol handshake simpler.

Try using POP3 instead, to the same server (m.evernote.com)

Let us know if either of those work

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Thanks -- but it didn't work -- upon doing this I get the error -- "setup could not finish - Cannot connect to server. (no valid authentication mechanism found.)"


And frankly this makes absolutely no sense.

Is Evernote going to do any testing and or support this device ??

Please advise.

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