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Ok, I'm going to try to be specific. From what I understand is that evernote is a website has software in firefox to save to evernote or right click pics for evernote.Then, On my iphone, I have the icon but Im not sure what that does. When I click it I can click "text note". Then I made an iphone notebook. So, I type my list, then I click save. NOW, where did that note go and how do I get it back?

On the converse. If I type a text note into the site, how do i access that on my iphone? do I navigate to the site or can i click the desktop icon to find it? this is where my confusion lies. I know it seems pretty basic. I have used this since beta but Im just not picking up the specific of how it integrates with my iphone...

please shed light!


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When you create a note anywhere, it goes into the servers that we run. Then, when you list your notes anywhere, you will see all of the notes that you sent into your account.

This means that if you create a note on a PC, it will show up on the list in the iPhone, and you can view it there.

If you create a note on the iPhone, it will show up on your PC.

This should be basically automatic ... each platform automatically sends its data to the service on a periodic basis.

This means you don't have to worry about where you took a particular note. It all goes to the same place, and you can access it everywhere.

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okay, sounds good. But if I do a note on the pc can i access that note through my ipone icon on the "desktop" or sdo i need to navigate to the evernote site via safari? This will pretty much clear weverything up! yay.

i wasnt understanding the *point* of the desktop icon in my iphone


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You can list your notes directly from our application on the iPhone. This means that if you make a note on the PC and then synchronize, you should be able to launch our app on the iPhone, list your notes, and then click on that note to view it on the iPhone.

You don't need to go through Safari for this.

The other big advantage of the native iPhone application is that it makes it really easy to capture notes while you're on the run using the camera, text keyboard, or audio recorder.

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We don't have telephone support, but I think the answer is that Evernote works the way you want ... you can create notes anywhere, and access them anywhere, by installing our software on your iPhone and your computers. You don't need to do anything special to make this happen, and you don't need to go through Safari on either the iPhone or the PC.

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