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impossible to delete unused tags

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Hi there.

First of all... sorry for my bad English (I'm French :rolleyes: )

I'm tried to delete some unused tags (with 0 content) with the app on my tablet and phone --> impossible.

I'm tried on my tablet on the web (browser = boat mini) and it appears that the right clic on the triangle button doesn't work whit the touch screen.

Is sombody knowing a solution to this problem :unsure:

Thanks a lot for your answers :)

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Bonjour Marie59 !

This feature is not supported on the phone and tablet client for now. The main reason is that we want to keep the mobile app light, so some of the organisational features are available on the desktop and web client only. The web client may apparently not be fully compatible with the tablet browser.

We may end up offering more organisational features on the Android client in the future. In the meantime, I'd suggest to try the desktop client available here:


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Too bad that it is still not implemented how to remove tags in the android app. I mostly handle Evernote in my android device and find the need many times to erase tags even the same tag I find many times with the need of deleting it, but I work only few times in the desktop app, and when I do I don't remember that there are tags to be removed and which ones, afterwars I'm back on the android app and again find the same tags that have to be removed. Certainly it is a problem that I have to remember that Ihave to do things on the desktop app having the android one, and actually I think that is exactly what the Evernote concept wan'ts to help with.

I think It should be that much to implement the erasing option for the tags in the web app. So hopefully I'm expecting that it can be implemented at some time.




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When will this be added? I think tags are used quite extensively by a lot of people and to be able to manage them on the go and on the fly is only common sense.  It means my EN ends up a mess unless I actively set aside time to clean up tags when I'm at a PC.  This breaks my flow.


Can you enlighten us as to why on earth you made the website incompatible with mobile browsers?  Are you trying to drive people to the desktop app??  It makes zero sense to limit the web (which is suppose to be universal) this way.  If it doesn't work on any standards-compliant browser, it's effectively broken, really.


Although having said that I've found that if I tick "Request Desktop Site" in Chrome for Android, I can get around EN-Web's hobbling.  And it is hobbling - after all if the mobile client is kept "light", surely it follows that the web client should be even "lighter" to extend its reach even further. 

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