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(Archived) Evernote clipper not working on Windows 8 RTM


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I'm using the evernote desktop version on Windows 8 RTM. Everything seems to be working fine, except for the clipping functionality, which does not work at all (Windows KEY + PrintScreen).

Has anyone experienced the same issue?


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Good grief. It is February and I have owned Windows 8 for months. I have tried to make the commitment to Evernote Pro, but in all conscience I have to wonder why all the threads in which the clippers (screen and web) are said to not work in Windows 8 (I can confirm both to be true) go unanswered. Does Evernote never monitor their own forums? Do they even plan to fix any of these issues? It is extremely unprofessional to (a) fail to test software on a long term beta like WIndows 8, and then (B) fail to address comments that prominent features DO NOT WORK AT ALL!

I have to wonder if Evernote's strong set of positives matter at all in light of their failure to do even basic maintenance to the application.

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Well first and foremost, this is a user forum, designated for users of Evernote help each other. In general we, as Evernote, don't reply to every thread, but Evernote employees do go through and read pretty much everything that gets posted here.

We also in general don't post roadmaps to future product releases.

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