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(Archived) iPhone App - A few problems

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Hello All,

I'm not sure if other people are having these problems, but;

1) Synchronisation over the mobile network rarely works (not WiFi, I'm talking GPRS or 3G). If I write a new note, it sends OK, but then I can't see it in the notes section. I have to log out and back in again to force a sync. I have the 'use over cellular' option set, but no joy.

2) If I mark a note as a favorite, it often gets out of sync when I edit it from other locations

3) The app has frozen a few times on me and I have to reset my iPhone

2 and 3 I can live with, but 1 makes it very hard to operate in the way I work. I used to use the native notes function on the iPhone, but it doesnt sync with anything, which is what attracted me to Evernote in the 1st place.

I'm using version 1.4.0.

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I am on O2 in the UK. Recently moved over to them after many years on Vodafone and I'm not impressed with their data network. There's often a signal, but packets are dropped and it's as laggy as hell.

Is there way to force a re-sync of the iPhone ap with the server?

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