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(Archived) Password protecting the entire application

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As I've come to rely on Evernote for lots of notes, I find myself needing to password protect multiple notes. What I thought may be handy for some users is the ability to simply password protect the entire application instead. For example, there would be a setting to do this so when you click on the app, you would get a dialog box asking for your pw. This would only happen if you specifically changed your setting to ask for this.

This becomes even more valuable on mobile devices which are easier to lose.


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The iOS version allows you to set up a PIN. IIRC, so does the Android version. On Windows you can use Gameprotector (http://www.gameprotector.com/). Keep in mind this is just a PIN to get into the app. Password protection is not the same thing as encryption. If anyone steals your Windows computer, they can still get into your data by simply looking at the SQL file. Which is why I keep my EN database in a Truecrypted container. If you want more info, please search the board as this has been discussed a lot already.

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