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(Archived) Random reformatting issue

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Hello All!

I'm having a strange issue with formatting. I can't seem to give any rhyme or reason to why this all happens.

1) When I am at the end of a line and press return, the line spacing above line 'A' changes and I get two lines below. I can delete them but when I make another line (after 'B') the line spacing gets changed again.

2) If I'm typing in a specific font, Helvetica, and press return, the font will change to Arial. If the previous line was bold, the the line I just left will reformat as bold too.

It appears that this only happens in a note where text was copied and pasted from another document (Pages, Word, etc.) but I can't 100% say that is the case. A note from scratch doesn't seem to have any problems.

My notes are somewhat a mess because of this and I don't care to go back and fix whatever Evernote is doing. Any thoughts? A bug?


System/Software Notes: Evernote 3.3, OS X (10.8.1), MacBook Pro Retina

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Hi, welcome to the Forums - we share your pain. The note editor is note-orious (sorry) for being a little basic, and the text you import from other sofware comes with buried codes that tell that software how to display it. Evernote makes a pretty good show of displaying the copied text as accurately as possible, but when you start to add more information in basic Evernotian symbols, the system starts to get twitchy - hence the erratic behaviour.

Since you can open an attached document using the same software that created it, the solution for edits is to embed your working file in a note whilst also cutting and pasting enough content / keywords into the note to index it for searches. If you want to make changes, edit the original document. If the content change is significant, change the note details.

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