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Evernote window is too big



I'm having this issue, having recently changed from pc to mac. There's no problem on pc - the window can be minimised as much as you want but on my mac, the evernote window takes up more than half of my screen. This is extremely inconvenient when I need to have lecture notes up and evernote to take notes on. Its there a way to make it smaller? The width of the window is just too big! (and quite annoying!)

If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Please fix this evernote people.


This is embarrassing as mac user that the windows version is more flexible with this. 

Please don't double post. We read the forums :)


I don't believe this is embarrassing at all. In fact, many Apple applications have a minimum window width (like Apple's Mail). This conforms to the OSX human interface guidelines. Evernote for Windows does not conform to those guidelines.


We will look into reducing the minimum size of the window :)

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Sorry about the double post  :(


I understand what you are saying is that you guys follow the apple rules but this is a note taking app and I would enjoy it much more if I could resize the window to 1/2 size of my MBP 15" screen and have my pdf text book on the other 1/2 of the screen. 


Thanks for reading and looking into reducing the minimum size of the window  :)

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