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(Archived) Where are the pending notes stored?

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Specifically, I have an audio note that is "pending" and will not upload (it is 12.2 Mb). So, I would rather offload it to my local system as a file, if I could find the file. I assume it is an independent audio file of some format. Is it findable in my phone's file system or is it hopelessly trapped within the Evernote database, never to upload? Win Mobile 6.

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When we record an audio note on WM, we just ask Windows to record it with the default recorder, which makes a file and stores it in the default location for your phone. I.e. we don't choose a location, your WM audio recorder does. We only remove the file once it's uploaded.

This means that you should be able to look around and find the file, but the location depends on the phone's configuration from your carrier.

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Thanks Dave. Not hard. In my case they went to \My Documents. I saw this once I played the pending audio file from Evernote - which opened WM Player, and I checked the Properties of the file. Thanks again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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