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(Archived) Can Evernote create a summary page that does not collapse all the bullets together?

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When I review my Summary Notes, it takes all the text I have keyed and concatenates it removing all bullets and new line formatting so I can not work with it at the summary level but need to go into the detail of each note to plan. This is not conducive to overall organization across notes. I need to see the first part of each note the way I set it up so I can figure out how to put everything together.

So for example,

The beginning of one of my notes is set up as follows:

House Repairs:

  • Board for kitchen table
  • Fix boards for my dining room table old
  • Paint kitchen stool
  • Windowsill in Dani's room

In the Summary of this note, it shows as:

House Repairs:

Board for kitchen table Fix boards for my dining room table old Paint kitchen stool Windowsill in Dani's room

So no bullet separators and no new line formatting.

I cannot work with this and I cannot put it together with the other 8-20 notes I have without going into the detail of each and then I lose context.

I assume there is some way I can set a parameter so my summary will show the proper list the way I have it set up. Can someone advise what I should be setting where to make this happen?


P.S. I have been reading the forum and the help and can find nothing on this - can someone please point me.

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I think what you are calling the "Summary Page" is called "Snippet View" by Evernote.

Unfortunately, Evernote does NOT give us any control over either the format or contents of the Snippet View.

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Thank you for the very quick reply to my initial post and I apologize for leaving my reply for so very long. In any case, I will use the term 'snippet' to try to describe what I think is missing. I hope the developers or Evernote people look at the forum for ideas of what we, the users would like to have. Evernote is proving invaluable to me and there are only a couple of small tweaks that would make it so much better. Here are my comments:

EverNote is fabulous for the new way it summarizes all the notes and has everything available on all my devices. I can think of no improvements desperately needed for my Blackberry or on my windows laptop but i do have a problem because it is missing small features on my Android tablet which make it impossible for me to organize my TODOs and lists there. These things are available in ColorNote so have a look there to see what I mean if my explanations below do not suffice.

Most important for the Android tablet Snippet:

  • Ability to have the Snippet show a bullet indicator or checkbox indicator at the beginning of each item in a checklist , so one can see where one item ends and the next one starts
  • Ability to start a new line in the Snippet, when desired (same reason as #1)

Most important for a checklist on Android:

  • Ability to resequence a list with drag and drop like in ColorNote, instead of via cut and paste

Least important - this could even be silly - but I want to say it just in case: I love the way Colornote 'clicks' on my tablet i.e. makes a sound whenever you finish an operation, like opening a note or adding a text line. This click is so satisfying to hear that I fool with Colornote for no reason just so I can hear the clicks. This is so strange but worth mentioning in case it is something you want to consider.

I hope you will be able to include these suggestions (at least the important ones) in a near version of EverNote (based on your release planning).


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