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(Archived) Improving work flow

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Evernote is very certainly an awesome service. I use it as my document store for work which is all about PDF documents, basically I

receive documents by email mostly PDF

OCR them into searchable PDFs

save them to Evernote

email them to other people, with instructions

Once in EN I can search and organise the PDFs to my hearts content!

There a lot of different operations to be done to. A few things that would help:

1) a BIG download ALL attachments button on the web page of a shared note. I could use an extension e.g. download them all. But I cannot expect the people I am sharing with to be very computer literate. Nor can I expect them to use EN.

2) an email option would be handy, on the right click menu of an EN note attachment.

3) Better OCR. When I receive a fax by email (yes the people I deal with are low tech) it is often upside down, or at slight angles! Adobe Acrobat Pro will put the image the right way up for me! Evernote to my knowledge does not. So I wind up downloading from gmail, OCRing and then uploading. The issue here is that that is a lot of clicking. Yeah I can work on automating with scripts etc. But it would be so handy if I could just email direct to EN

4) A toggle to view ALL attachement in a note inline / as attachment. Typically I have about 8 attachments and sometimes I want to view them all as file names (ie as attachements) and sometimes I want to read or search them in which case in line is better, But clicking on each attachment is a slow process.

5) A rules based engine for who receives what documents. But yeah now I am in fantasy land I know. I'll use scripts for this. And perhaps my email is really the place. Wish gmail offered more advanced filtering.

I am using a MAC hope it is okay to post here.

Thats all I can think of. Yes I have browsed the forums but not every topic! :D

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