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(Archived) REQUEST: Check out Taposé

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Taposé is a fairly new app for iOS with some great note-taking and collaboration features. It also has a very slick user interface (i.e. shows "journals" as moleskine notebooks with customizable covers) which I think would be awesome as an Evernote "client." They currently have an export-to-Evernote feature, but it would be fantastic to have the communication go both ways. If Evernote is willing/able to look into purchasing or partnering with them, I really think they're worth a look.

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From the quick look I had at the video, Taposé is something I could get to like. Unfortunately it doesn't (yet) come in my favourite colours of Windows and Android, and it seems aimed mainly at pads rather than desktops or mobiles. Whether Evernote would consider buying it (or any other startup) is way above my no-pay grade, and not the sort of discussion I imagine they have in public forums. However by raising the query you've brought it to their attention - but don't hold your breath for a response.

Welcome to the Forums, by the way..

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