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(Archived) "Do Not Sync Option" Missing


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Premium user.

Android phone.

Recently installed newest version of Android app.

Cannot find "Don't Sync" option for my notebooks anymore. As a result, entire device is full of Evernote notes and I am not longer able to balance my space needs with my other apps.

I have a section of Joined Notebooks. When I long-press on them, a menu pops up offering "Don't Sync, Sync, Offline Notebook".

Unfortunately, any long press of my notebooks results in no options appearing - the notebook simply opens to its notes.

What am I missing here?


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Hi - when you say "newest version", is that the Beta or the public version? Don't know that it makes a difference, because to my knowledge there's never been an option NOT to sync. Unless you choose "offline notebook" for one or more books, the headers of your notes will download to the phone, but the notes will remain in the cloud unless and until you open that note, when the contents will download and remain in your local cache until that is emptied.

I don't understand "Joined Notebooks" - do you mean shared? - In which case the option is whether to update it to the latest version - again not a space issue unless your handset is really tight for space.

Suggest you clear Evernote's cache and have a look at what else is stored on your device - you may need to do some housekeeping to reduce usage. Have a look at some of the apps out there that help manage space usage.

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Newest version means whatever is available in the Google Play store at the moment. l\

"Unless you choose "offline notebook" for one or more books" <-- I would love to. I cannot find that option for individual notebooks. I've used that option in previous app versions. Is it just "offline search" now?

"Joined Notebooks" are notebooks that have been Shared with me, and I joined them, so they show up.

Evernote is the specific problem I'm trying to solve right now. I don't need every single notebook synced to my mobile device. I keep a very careful eye on space of all of my apps and data. I clear the cache for Evernote frequently.

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OK - if you navigate to the notebook list you should see a grey triangle next to the name of each notebook that you own. Tap on that and one of the options you will see is Enable Offline Sync (or Disable if it is already enabled). If you check to ensure that all your notebooks show 'enable' you can confirm that none of the notes are pre-downloaded to your 'phone. As I said, Evernote defaults to downloading only the headers for each note so that you can run searches. It downloads the contents only when you request that note.

There's no way to choose which notebooks are downloaded to your phone, unless you create 'local only' notebooks on your desktop, which are not synced 'up' to the Cloud. Your mobile client will download headers for your whole cloud-based account when you set it up.

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