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(Archived) 'Printing to PDF' question

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Hi everybody. I've just entered the fantastic world of Evernote and I have a question. When I use Windows Journal, handwriting is automatically converted to vectorial curves. In Evernote, ink is way smoother and I like it very much, but when I produce PDF files, unlike Journal, curves are not printed in a vectorial way. As you increase the zoom factor in your PDF viewer (for example, Adobe Reader) you can see the strokes' pixels becoming bigger and bigger, as it is for raster images. When I print to PDF in Journal, the vectorial features of the curves are retained. Why?

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We originally implemented ink printing as a bitmap in order to give us a little more control over the shape of the curves that were drawn, and to make it easier to break long ink notes into separate pages. As you point out, however, this doesn't produce ideal results if you zoom in to the resulting Postscript or PDF.


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Thanks for answering! I'd like to put another question to you. In Journal it's possible to set the size and orientation of the page, so you can write on it being conscious of the space you have and being able to print (referring to my previous post) to a PDF page, which will be a 1:1 copy of the original. In evernote I noticed that setting a page's size and orientation affects only the printing process, as, when editing it, the page hasn't any delimiters. Because of that, when you're printing a note composed of two or more A4 (or another format you choose) pages, it crops anything that lies on the margin between two consecutive pages. Is there any solution to this?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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