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(Archived) Problems with EN Knowledge Base Reability & Useability

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The display and color scheme of the Evernote Knowledge Base make it hard to read and use:

  1. The color scheme of light grey text on white background (or even worse, on a grey background) make it very hard to read.

    1. I totally support every company using their company colors on their web site.
    2. While light-grey (and light-green) text on while may look cool, it is very hard to read.
    3. It would be much easier to read if the text were in black
    4. Please put function before form. Readability of the text is much more important than having a cool color scheme.
    5. Surely there must be other ways to use company colors.
    6. Many KB articles are displayed with inappropriate and/or inaccurate header links that imply the article is about one EN client, when actually it is about another client, or applies to a number of different platforms.
      1. For example, the article on "An Introduction to Sharing" displays "Knowledge Base > Android" at the top

Here is a screen shot that illustrates these issues:


Evernote, please review these issues and take action to correct.


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