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(Archived) Clip tweets & replies with Web Clipper?


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I've tried to clip tweets and all replies to it at Twitter.com with the web clipper (by clicking on details to go to the specific status page for the single tweet), but it doesn't work properly. Any chance of making this work in the future? (and formatted like they are on Twitter.com) :-)

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I've done some work on this to make the clipping experience better on Twitter.

For example, if you look at this tweet: https://twitter.com/tkaraszewski/status/229742856561115137, it will look like this (at least for me):


And after doing some work to improve how it clips, the default clip from this page looks like:


This change is currently slated to be released in Chrome Clipper 5.7, and should show up in the next Safari release after that as well.

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