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How people see God

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We are living in my opinion, in a time when the unthinkable will happen. This is a place where I can discuss it as it happens. It’s kind of hard to do so at school. I intend to put links, and news clippings from the web that I find in this forum. We can speculate and share news, but lets make sure we separate the church, from the corruption. I would like to talk about and share information to enable us to understand the issues, and prepare us, as like I, many live in communities with large Roman Catholic communities. This is going to affect us all. It is going to affect how people see God.

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Welcome to the forums, adina. While we respect all religions and beliefs, we try to refrain from engaging in overtly religious (or political) discussion on our boards, unless it has specific relation to Evernote products, third party products or usecases. Evernote's great for engaging in religious learning and organizing religious study, and we definitely promote that and other usecases here on the forum. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you around these parts further.

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