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(Archived) SkitchPre 1.1 (1.1.261316)



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SkitchPre 1.1 (1.1.261316)

Size: 12.5 MB

What's New:

Build 1.1.261316

SkitchPre iOS Preview July 3rd, 2012

NOTE: We recommend that you use SkitchPre on Wifi, rather than with your cell phone data plan to avoid overage charges. There’s still work to do regarding data transfer optimization.

Also, editing skitch documents on multiple devices is not currently recommended at this time.

What’s New in this release:

-Sync with Evernote. All documents created on Skitch will now be synced with your Evernote account

-New iPad UI. Both canvas and library views have been redesigned

-Undo now removes items immediately from canvas

Known issues:

-Library: any time the grid is redrawn (another device created a new skitch), the app will crash.

-iPhone sync: sync can be forced by restarting app (Double-click on device’s home button, then hold down the Skitch icon on the bottom tray until a red circle shows on the top corner. Tap to restart app).

-Text elements on skitches are not editable by other devices. You can only edit them on the device where it was created.

Features not yet available:

-More UI improvements for both iPhone and iPad on their way

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On the iPad 3, I am afraid I have been unable to get the app to work. I will try it again tomorrow, but I wanted to post my initial experiences and see if others are experiencing similar issues.

1) Photo

The photo was positioned too low on the screen and this partially hid the "use" button.

2) Save

The app froze and would not save an edited photo. It is still spinning several minutes later. I ended up having to force the app to close. I have not been able to create an image yet, and I have had to force the app to close each session.

3) Synchronization

It fails every time I open the app with a message that says "Synchronization failed: Bummer". I like the message! But, I probably shouldn't be seeing it.

4) Legal

I can read it on my retina display with my good eyes, but I don't think it would be an easy task for some people.

5) Version

I can press it as a button, but it does nothing.

6) Sync

I am not sure what the sync icon (the two arrows at the top) does. I cannot get any images to save, so perhaps the problem is that I have no files available to sync. I have the same problem with the Edit button, but again, I have no files to edit.

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