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(Archived) QUESTION: Premium cost required for each device?



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Would I need to pay the annual fee for both my Ipad and also an additional purchase each year for my Mac?

Gets pricey, if so.

recommend get free for Ipad, get experience and then decide if ultimately $100 a year is worth it?

Hi. Welcome to the user forums!

The answer to your question is: no. You purchase a premium account, and that account can be synced to as many devices as you would like. In my case, for example, I have my account synced to two Windows computers, one Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, and an Android phone. Of course, there is also access through the web anytime. So, I would say Premium is a great deal :)

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Thank you.

For a grumpy monkey, this might be way out of your way to respond generously quickly and without complaint.

So, grumpy, hate to diminish your day, but you have simplified mine.

Thank you. You have been helpful.


Never too grumpy to help out a fellow user :)

I am glad I could help. Please feel free to post any questions you have on the forums, and good luck!

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