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Hi -

Just started using on my new Android and have an odd question.

When creating a new note on the phone, every note shows (above content area) as "Note from somename @ City, ST"

I cant figure out where its getting the 'somename' and how to change it? (it shows a different name)

It seems to be using an online handle my brother uses for other websites?

Bizarre - any leads much appreciated!


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Hi - welcome to the Forums.

Evernote has something called 'auto-title' which tries to give each note a meaningful heading, and you can use your GPS link (if you have one) to set the location - have a look in ~Settings ~Other Options and untick auto-title (and GPS if it's there) to see if that helps.

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I am guessing it took that 'note from' name from possibly a calendar event I had?

Probably - Evernote is scary good at auto titling when you get into it. Mine's switched on, but probably gets overwritten around 50% of the time.

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