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(Archived) BETA: SkitchPre 1.1 (1.1.259595)



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SkitchPre 1.1 (1.1.259595)

Size: 11.4 MB

What's New:

You can find the Release Notes as well as provide feedback in our forum:


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Build 1.1 (1.1.259595 )

SkitchPre iOS Preview June 19th, 2012

What’s New in this release:

- Zoom/Pan overlay now has a reduced timeout of 1 second, instead of 3 seconds

- Drawing tool selection immediately hides toolbar on iPhone/iPod (except for shapes)

- Users are not able to draw elements in black

- Evernote Shared URL can now be pasted into email body

Known issues:

- Undo will not remove drawn items from canvas, until the canvas is redrawn (zoom-in or out actions will trigger this)

- Opening items from camera roll is slow

Features not yet available:

- New iPad UI coming soon

- Full Evernote Sync

- New iPhone/iPod Library UI coming soon

- Image cropping on iPhone

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Hi. No beta thread (that I could find), so I started one. Hope you don't mind.

Nice Changes

Huge, and really nice changes in the user interface (iPad 3). Good job! I like how it starts off with the pop-up already displayed, so people can immediately get going. The camera worked great, and the popup for it was a nice touch as well. The interface is refreshingly clean and looks much better (to me) in white, black, and gray.


When drawing, I wasn't sure why a line started light, and then turned darker sometimes, and other times stayed light. The lines changed colors as well when I continued writing on the image. Maybe this is the intended behavior, but it was unexpected. The features worked smoothly otherwise. The blur was a nice addition, and the way the crop activated was quite intuitive.


Some buttons appear black (editing buttons, the +), one is dark gray (Library), the rest are light gray ("save," "open in," etc.), and some of the text (title) is light gray for no apparent reason. It's as if we are not supposed to touch them, because gray usually indicates an item that cannot be changed, or is unavailable. I would make the colors uniform and darker.

Cancel? Delete?

Am I correct that there is no way to cancel something, except for the Web (before capturing anything)? This would seem to be something that could be improved, especially because it is also difficult to know how to delete things in the Library. You have to open something so that you can put it in the trash. It isn't impossible to figure out, but the conventional methods of deleting usually involve a swipe, or selecting in the library and deleting. I don't know of any (?) app where I open something and delete it from there. I would recommend making it possible to cancel, and making it possible to delete things from the Library overlay.

Minor Stuff

This is not really about Skitch, but the link to the privacy policy and the terms of service in the "Legal" button takes you to old pages that have the wrong address for Evernote. The fine print is really fine! I am OK with it, but anyone with poor eyesight would have trouble, I think.


The elephant icon in the "Settings" menu ought to be optimized.

What happened to "Austin"?

Did you want to put in a way for users to contact support?

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