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No Number Running Journal

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disclaimer: I am a mere intern, but I love to exercise! Here are some tips that have helped me "rewire" myself for a healthier lifestyle.

My problem in the past has been to just jot down my mileage after a run or walk. All that mattered was improving these numbers, and I became so focused on turning 3 miles into 4, 4 into 5, that I lost my motivation. I was running against my own efforts, which was really quite boring and frustrating.

My proposal here is a journal that does not predicate itself entirely on numeric measurements as the sole record of a successful exercise plan. The new goal is to collect pictures or memories for yourself. Instead of saying "I ran 6 miles," try taking a picture of the furthest point you reach in your run (granted you have the mobile tech). Eventually, this will evolve into a robust album full of unique photos all gained through improvements to your own fitness. Each photo taken would represent a new achievement that is much more meaningful and personal than a simple number. Capturing an image where your threshold stood on a previous jog can be such an encouragement to push yourself a little bit more. Also, a lot of mobile devices can automatically tag these photographs with more precise geographic data that would elucidate accurate mileage---that's a win/win!

Indeed, there are applications and tools that can capture extremely precise measurements of distances ran, as well as the way your body reacted through each second of your jog. That's not the goal here. The goal is to motivate yourself through creative means, to get you out and exercising, and to inspire other methods of engaging the body and mind without the weight of numbers burdening you with each step. For these expeditions, the goal is to ask "what new things can I find/see?" rather than "how far and fast must I go?"—I think you will be surprised at how compliant the mind can be when it is not obsessing over such minutiae.

I hope this encourages others to use Evernote in simple yet meaningful ways to inspire a healthier lifestyle!

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