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  1. I love the idea Jeff. Can you update us weekly, or monthly in this thread so we know how you're doing? I'd like to set a summer goal of gaining 10 lbs. I'm currently at a lean 180 and I want to get to a lean 190. The key is that I'm not just gaining any kind of weight. I want my composition to stay the same or improve. Lean mass gains. I would like to do that by August 1st.
  2. There are tons of factors that lead to good or bad sleep patterns. Getting tested for sleep apnea can be a good thing, but other factors could be: overall stress, quality of foods, time between last meal/snack and sleep, light in room, temperature of room, time of year, activity levels, etc. I'd be curious to know if that blogger changed anything else in her life? A great resource is a book called "Lights Out: sleep, sugar and survival." http://www.amazon.ca/Lights-Out-Sleep-Sugar-Survival/dp/0671038680
  3. I too am currently testing the Fitbit: http://anthrophysique.com/2012/02/07/fitbit-trial/
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