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  1. Yes, please do! I'd love to hear how you do with it and how it helps you. I'm always looking for new tools that can help people with their accountability and motivation.
  2. Martin, I agree. The app is good for keeping data. However, for me it's not the only data I track. I put it in Evernote so that I have ALL of my fitness data in one place.
  3. What do you like most about the app? What data are you tracking with it?
  4. Ah, the filter is a great idea for getting the reports into Evernote. Thanks for that!
  5. Endomondo It is a really useful tool! It tracks my walks, hikes as well as my workouts. I wear a heart rate monitor with it, and I love the fact that I can see a google map of my route once my workout is complete. I also like how it gives me a vocal update at each mile marker telling me distance, mile time and overall time. I've also used Map My Walk, but I prefer endomondo. I have a Fitbit One and have been tracking my steps since July 2012. Thanks for the feedback Noelty!
  6. I'm wondering what apps people are currently using to track their fitness and health? Whether or not it integrates with Evernote. Please provide: Name the app. Why do you use it? What else have you tried? What do you like most about it?
  7. I would settle for a place on Chad's "wall" of fame. There is one, right? Wow, I got caught up with all the stuff going on in the Facebook page that I forgot about this thread. Sorry guys! deanouellette, If you participate in the Twitter party at the end of the challenge, you might have a chance to win one of the bottles! GrumpyMonkey, I don't currently have a wall of fame, but I think that's a great idea! I'll get on that
  8. GrumpyMonkey has started a new thread for the 2nd Fitness Challenge that just started. You can use that one for logging results, questions and conversations. You can see it here: Good luck everyone!!
  9. I agree! Thanks @GrumpyMonkey for starting this thread!
  10. Wow, super cool idea Jacob. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Sharing is probably the best feature for me. It allowed me to get away from emails, attached documents and URL's. Get the premium account and start sharing notebooks with clients!
  12. I'm just getting into this Pinterest thing but I've created a board for inspiration. I'll be adding more as I get time to explore. http://pinterest.com/anthrophysique/inspiration/
  13. We had a Fitness Challenge back in February which was pretty fun for people. http://blog.evernote.com/2012/02/10/announcing-the-30-day-fitness-challenge/ We will be starting another challenge this month as well!! Finally, that's what I do as a profession. I work with people around the world to help them figure out what's the best stuff to do for their goals. Even if they just work out at home. You can check out my services here: http://anthrophysique.com/our-services/
  14. Hi Churros, Sorry for the delayed reply. I don't currently have an answer for you but I can say I've got something in the works. Stay tunned in the next couple of months.
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