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(Archived) HELP: Have I exceeded my monthly limit? If so, what can I do?



New user ignorance: Wanted to clip a post from a forum. Clicked "paste to evernote". started copying all the photos from my iphoto library, couldn't stop the process..kept going until I received a message that i was going to use up my free monthly allowance. Rebooted, 180 jpegs were in my notebook. Cant seem to do a batch delete. Can't get delete function in the edit menu. Can only open the jpeg one at a time and delete within it's menu options. Can't synch, get message to try later. Is that a coincidence or did exceed my usage. If I can get the files into the trash, how do I empty the trash? I can't figure out how to empty whats in there now. Is the trash file using up my data limit? How can I restore my privileges if I have exceeded my limit in error? Will I get them back if I delete the excess files? Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forums, Scrap, and sorry your early experiences with Evernote have brought you this problem.

Evernote's limit is for uploads, not data stored on the servers. So if your 180 photos have already been uploaded to Evernote's servers, you've used up your limit, and that's the end of the story. At that point, deleting won't get you back any space, since the upload has been done.

So the big question is whether your Mac account has synced yet with the servers, and since it says you can't sync, it might not have done so yet. So first, go to Preferences and change the sync preferences to "Manual." Second, sign in to your account at evernote.com and see whether all the data was uploaded. If it was, see my last paragraph. (You're out of luck.) If it wasn't, then you may have dodged a bullet, and all you need to do is delete all the files off your Mac account.

To do that, select all the notes in the note list. You can do so by Cmd+clicking or Shift+clicking from the first to the last note you want to select, then moving them to the trash. Once they're in the trash, do the same thing to multi-select multiple notes. You can then right-click (Control+click) to pull up a menu that will show "Delete Notes..." That will allow you to delete them permanently.

I want to get this response to you as quickly as possible, so I'm posting it now, but I'll add screen shots in a minute to illustrate this better.

If your notes have uploaded to the server, the only thing you can do this month is upgrade to premium (paying $5) to get much more space.

EDIT: Here are the screen shots, of steps 1 and 2 once the notes are in the trash:

1: https://dl.dropbox.c...0950/Step 1.jpg

2: https://dl.dropbox.c...0950/Step 2.jpg

EDIT 2: I had forgotten about the right-click-on-trash method. Here's a screen shot of that:

https://dl.dropbox.c...Empty Trash.jpg

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Thank you for the speedy reply! It appears that the notes were not uploaded. I was able to follow your instructions and have deleted the unwanted notes. The usage bar shows that I have plenty of storage available currently.

HOWEVER, I can't synch on my MACbook, Safari version 5.5.5, where the problem started, or my android phone. I can synch on my Windows 7 PC in my office. I have rebooted the MAC and the phone. Please advise.

PS: just curious, right click brings up the delete option, so what is the function of the delete option in the file drop down, it is never available?

Thanks again.

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Glad to hear trouble was avoided.

The issue is syncing from your Mac account to the Evernote servers? If so, your browser is unrelated. If this has been happening for more than a few hours, I'd file a support ticket. Do the same for the issue with your Android.

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