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(Archived) "Record audio note" widget no longer working after upgrade

New Daddy

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I have the "record audio note" widget on the dock. It's a quick way of creating a note to self.

After the recent app upgrade, however, when I tap on the widget, all I get is "The widget is an extension of the main Evernote App". I also can't seem to find a widget from the new app that does what the old widget did - bring up the audio recording screen.

Am I missing something? Does the new app not provide an audio recording widget any more?

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There is a separate app to support the different Evernote widgets.

Are you using this app available here?


You were right. There was a separate widget app in addition to the main app.

But it turned out that that's what I used to install the widget in the first place. The problem went away when I re-installed the widget using the widget app. The old widget must have been disabled during the upgrade process of the widget app.

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