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(Archived) Font size default and sync to windows


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Hi guys

Is there a way to set the default font size for the notes in the android application?

Also, when I change the font size of an old note in my windows evernote application, this does not translate to android. However, when I make an entirely new note in a smaller or larger font my android font will be changed too.

Any help?


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I know this is a really old thread, but it's applicable. I can set the default in Evernote Windows, which affects new notes. I can change an individual note to my chosen size, and when synced to Android, it will be correct. But if I edit the note in Android, when it syncs back with windows the font size change is gone on Android. At the moment, it appears to retain the font size of choice on Windows. In order to get the font back on Android, I have to make a font size change on windows.  Even though I've set the default in Evernote Windows to be 8! By futzing around I can sometimes get it back from 10 to 8, but then edit in Android and the vicious cycle starts again. Would love to have a solution for this.

  • create new note with font size 8. (8 is my default)
  • new will be created on Android at 8
  • edit note in Android. Font size will go to 10.
  • data will get synced to Windows; windows will stay at 8 (although I've seen it go to 10)
  • change Windows to a different font size, e.g., 9. Now Android will go to 9.
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