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(Archived) REQUEST: Tag search then drag and drop




I have used evernote for almost 3 years now. (2 years free account then 1 year premium account)

I can say that Evernote is my life, i put everything in it. And i also encourage my company to use Evernote as the tool among co-workers.

However, after long time using it, my "tag" structure is very busy.

There are more than 200 tags in my Evernote, which is very hard to find some specific ones.

The way i solve this is using the "search tag function" ,then go back to the tag list to find the tag. Then drag and drop it to the note.

It would be very wonderful, if you can make the drag and drop function in the "Search Tag Function"

So, we needn't to go back to the tag list again to drag and drop tag to the note.

Thank you



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You can just type "do" into the tag field of the note, and we'll auto-complete to door... Or does seeing the structure help you find tags?

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Thank you Dlu

I know that i can type in to the tag field to auto-complete the words,

However, in our language (Thai), our words are not separated like english, so sometime hard to find the exact tag that we need.

The best way to find the exact tag is typing in "Search Tag Function". This way we just type some part of the word to get the tag.

For example, if we need the tag: "door", we just type "or". Then the "door" tag will show.

I don't know why, but it works.

I think this would be the same problem as other languages which the word are not separated.

Thank You

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