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Can't pin to taskbar


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I'm using Windows 7 and haven't been able to pin Evernote to my taskbar in a while (I think since the upgrade to version 4). I've researched the problem through the forums and have tried all suggestions--both making sure I haven't pinned a shortcut (I haven't--opened from the program file and tried to pin from that icon) and uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing's helped.

When Evernote is open, I get the blank paper sheet default Windows icon instead of the Evernote logo and the right-click menu has Evernote shortcuts (new note, find note, clip screenshot, etc.) and no option to pin to taskbar.

Anyone have ideas? I love Evernote and I love my taskbar. :(

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I think that you should submit a support request on this one -- I can't remember seeing anything like it, at least recently. See the link in my signature.

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I worked with someone in tech support and we tried a few things. Here's what ultimately fixed the problem:

I found some previous cases of other users having the same issue with the pin to taskbar, and the solution that worked for them was to uninstall Evernote using a tool called revo uninstaller that should remove all broken traces of Evernote from your machine. You can download the free version of the tool here:


Once that is installed, use that to uninstall Evernote. After that, try installing the latest version and let me know if the issue remains.

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Just go to where you installed Evernote (probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote).


Find the Evernote.exe application file, right-click on it, and Pin To Taskbar.  Done!


 Thank you for this Erich.  I had this trouble on two upgrades and the solution that you posted worked for mine.

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