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(Archived) HELP: AppleScript-imported notes not appearing by tag filter



I'm having an issue with PDF notes that I've tagged and imported via AppleScript. On the left hand tag frame, these new notes will update the note count, but do not appear when you filter by a tag.

I have two work-arounds to have the notes display under such a tag:

  1. Open the note, remove the tag, re-type it, close the note
  2. Temporarily rename the tag and then rename it back

The problem with these work-arounds is that I have to recognize that not all notes are showing before I can correct it. It doesn't help me with the notes I don't know are missing. This means that I can't trust that Evernote is giving me accurate search or tag filter results for note counts that exceed a simple visual inspection (~10 notes).

Has anyone experienced this issue? Evernote Support says they don't support Evernote AppleScript-related issues.

Anyone know how I can write an AppleScript to rename all Evernote tags automatically and then back?

In the interest of full disclosure, here's the workflow:

  1. I drop a file into a folder that Hazel watches for new PDF/DOC/HTML/TXT files
  2. Hazel sends it to my Evernote import script
  3. AppleScript does the following:

    1. Convert all other file types to PDF
    2. Create the Evernote note with or without a pre-determined title (without uses the filename)
    3. Convert any existing OpenMeta tags to Evernote tags (This helps me get away from Yep to Evernote)
    4. OR Tag the PDF based on the filename using a list of pre-determined tags
    5. Trash the original

  • Issue mainly happens with PDFs as original source file because I predominantly import PDFs
  • It doesn't always happen
  • It seems to only happen to certain tags, but not exclusively
  • It's not repeatable with the same file. If I delete the note, import it again, the note displays under the tag filter properly.


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