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  1. Thanks. I don't see where Tools is located though. The clipper add-on preferences don't show anything related to New Clip dialog. Just "send clips to", "default action", "article selection", and "simul. search".
  2. I think it applies to tags in general. Here are my statements that aren't working: if (not (tag named "To Process" exists)) then make tag with properties {name:"To Process"} end if Tag exists, but comes up false and the make statement errors out with the same error as above. Same result if I re-create or delete the tag in Evernote first. The AppleScript library for Evernote says these statements are still valid though. On a side note, have you renamed a tag since upgrading to 5.0? For me, it's takes about 10 minutes to finish "Processing..." on a set of 300 notes and the CPU is at 140% (mdworker and EvernotePDFHelper). Seems to be a performance issue as I've renamed this tag in previous versions and I don't remember this behaviour.
  3. Same issue here, article or full page clips. No images are showing in the note, oddly though, the image shows in the note thumbnail. Also, I'd like to point out the differences between the clipper in Firefox and the one in Safari. The latter is much better and allows you to pick the notebook and tags before saving. I hope this will be updated in the Firefox version soon! Evernote 5.0.1 Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox 5.4 Firefox for Mac 17
  4. If I follow your response correctly, you're suggesting that there can be a uniform difference between notes created on either OS, but I think what the OP and myself are experiencing are variable font sizes. For example, a note created on one OS, entirely one font and size, is appearing on the other OS as a jumble of different sizes. So changing the defaults wouldn't control for this behaviour. Would this be a bug for Evernote?
  5. Please provide a way of choosing different outbound email addresses ("from" address) when emailing notes. If not a dropdown of choices, the ability to set one address per notebook would still be beneficial. For instance, I'd like to send business related notes from my business email account, but everything else from my personal account. Sending business notes with my personal account looks unprofessional at best and/or hits junkmail filters at worst. Thanks!
  6. If you highlight text and attempt to scroll down in the note editor by dragging past the bottom of the page, the note scrolls up very very slowly. I would expect it to scroll about as fast as you would if you dragging down to select text in a Mail.app email, for instance. I'm using Evernote 5.0 for Mac, but I haven't noticed if this was an error previously. The only reference I found in the forums recently is a mention as being fixed in the Evernote 5.0 for Mac Public Beta 2 post so maybe this is a regression.
  7. I'd like to capture full webpage (pages with scrolling) screenshots with Skitch, but I can't seem to do this on sites with https without getting a logon window. At the time of capture, I am currently logged in from a browser, but I guess I can understand why this has no bearing on Skitch + snap from link. What I don't understand are similar discussions where secured Facebook webpage captures behave correctly. If this works, shouldn't other sites? What I'm really trying to do is capture a flash based site in Evernote, but Evernote web clippers don't capture Flash whereas Skitch does. Thanks
  8. I'm having an issue with PDF notes that I've tagged and imported via AppleScript. On the left hand tag frame, these new notes will update the note count, but do not appear when you filter by a tag. I have two work-arounds to have the notes display under such a tag: Open the note, remove the tag, re-type it, close the note Temporarily rename the tag and then rename it back The problem with these work-arounds is that I have to recognize that not all notes are showing before I can correct it. It doesn't help me with the notes I don't know are missing. This means that I can't trust that Evernote is giving me accurate search or tag filter results for note counts that exceed a simple visual inspection (~10 notes). Has anyone experienced this issue? Evernote Support says they don't support Evernote AppleScript-related issues. Anyone know how I can write an AppleScript to rename all Evernote tags automatically and then back? In the interest of full disclosure, here's the workflow: I drop a file into a folder that Hazel watches for new PDF/DOC/HTML/TXT files Hazel sends it to my Evernote import script AppleScript does the following: Convert all other file types to PDF Create the Evernote note with or without a pre-determined title (without uses the filename) Convert any existing OpenMeta tags to Evernote tags (This helps me get away from Yep to Evernote) OR Tag the PDF based on the filename using a list of pre-determined tags Trash the original Issue mainly happens with PDFs as original source file because I predominantly import PDFs It doesn't always happen It seems to only happen to certain tags, but not exclusively It's not repeatable with the same file. If I delete the note, import it again, the note displays under the tag filter properly. Thanks!
  9. Ah yes, I forgot about that. Thanks. I suppose I am expecting the same behaviour as SnagIt in a way.
  10. I tried searching for this, but I didn't have any luck. How can I have Skitch freeze the screen during a snapshot? I'm having trouble capturing a sub-menu screen capture because I lose the sub-menu by having to drag the snapshot window on a live screen. Thanks!
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