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(Archived) No Headlines at Motorola Xoom (ICS 4.03)


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on my Xoom there are no headlines displayed at the overview.

I send a bugreport serveral times but nothing happens til now.

I am Using the latest version of Evernote.

BTW:On my HTC oneX everything works fine.




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Hope t

same here, since december.

the situation has grew sort of... how can I put it... pathetic ? ^^

Hope they will fix it soon! As a paying member i am very disappointed of that bad support.

I reported it to the support four times.



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I already lost my hopes in this on this.

Ive been in ics since december, I gave the evernote crew a break since it wasnt even officially out for xoom and decided to wait.

Now its being around 6 months and still nothing. Plus I think we are not alone here since I remember seeing some people complaining about this at the oficial ics post.

It was, probably, reported by more people. -.-

Im not a paid costumer (and after i probabky wont be), and Ive been strugling with the fact that, aparently, theres nothing following out the same style as evernote. Ive tried out all sorta 'notebooks' for android but nothing was really the same :(.

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I reported this issue 3 times to the support - nothing happens.

Probably i will not pay for Evernote any longer.

Evernote on a tablet without Headlines is useless.

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