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(Archived) QUESTION: How long do notes stay somewhere in EN once deleted or changed?

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I see that there is note history with a premium account. I'm assuming then that previous incarnations to a changed note are still archived by evernote.

How long do they stay archived for?

Also I'm interested in the secure aspects here..... if I create a sensitive note on mobile (cannot encrypt there)then encrypt the text in windows EN does the unencrypted version of the note still exist? and if so for how long?

extrapolating these thoughts.....is there a way that a user can ensure that data is wiped from all EN servers and archives?


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I understand that if you keep on changing a note, Evernote will keep on recording the changes so in theory there are infinite previous incarnations.

If you create an insecure note and then encrypt it, you'll always have the unencrypted version hanging around (though visible only to you..). If you move the note to a secure location - encrypted drive / unsynced location etc - the note will 'disappear' into encryption.

You could presumably ask support to clear out a notebook for you, but there's no standard process to do so.

If you're unsure about any process including the above - make up a dummy note and test it out.. you may have a use case that no-one has thought of yet..

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