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(Archived) BUG: Email Does Not Use Note Font



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Evidently the Evernote EMail process does NOT properly use the Note font, or the default Note font, when sending the Note via EMail.

When I send a Note via EMail where the Note text uses my default Note font (Verdana, 14pt), the EMail is sent using Arial 12 pt.

I suspect that the underlying HTML for my note does NOT specify a font or size. When displayed in Evernote, it uses CSS or equivalent to display the text using my default font/size. However, when sent via email the HTML does NOT include the font/size, so some other default is used (maybe the recipients email app).

What I expect to happen is for Evernote to embed my default font/size in the email so that everyone who receives the email will receive it with the same font/size I view in Evernote Mac.

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