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(Archived) EN for WM - diff between Pen and Pencil & other questions

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I just started using Evernote after Springpad discontinued their support for WM. (Luckily they stopped blocking EN at my work about the same time, which is why I wasn't using it in first place).

I couldn't find any user guides or help file for WM version of EN. A lot of things are self explanatory. What I don't seem to get is the difference between Pencil and Pen tools. Both seem to be equally easy to write with on my TP2.

Also, is there a way to make EN on WM remember tool presets like ink color and width ? Even if by editing registry values ?

Finally, if anyone have experience with EN on Windows Phone and Android vs WM, please share (good and bad). I.e. what you gain or lose when switching from a WM client to Android vs Windows Phone. I am eligible for a phone upgrade this summer, and even though I plan on hanging on to my TP2 for a few more months, I am trying to make a decision on which way to go. Since EN is one of my most used programs, knowing pros and cons on each platform could help.

Thanks !

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