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(Archived) HOWTO: Take notes on a PowerPoint document



I am a new Evernote user and have a question about taking notes using this program. I am a college student and want to upload PowerPoint documents and type notes anywhere on the document as the professor gives their lecture. After the lecture is over I need to be able to print the edited PowerPoint document. Is it possible for me to do this with Evernote?


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Welcome to the forums, Stephan. As far as I know, you can't use Evernote to truly annotate any document type. What you can do is add text in the same note as an attached document (above or below), which will be easily findable, but which are not notes on the document, as I believe you're looking for. To annotate a document, you have to right click on the document, open in an appropriate program (other than Evernote), make your annotations there, and then save. With the exception of a few programs (like Skitch), that process will save your updated document, with the changes, in the same place in Evernote.

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This is far simpler than it seems. The solution is to create a notebook and add the Powerpoint as an attachment. Open it from within Evernote, make changes, then save it. Your changes will get saved to Evernote. This should allow you to write whatever you want on the slides.

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