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(Archived) As Chinese user, We DO care our privacy against Chinese Gov

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I'm sorry to say that, but it is true, EverNote's ONLY ADVANTAGE for Chinese users against all the knockoffs in China is that you DO NOT have a data center in China, so we could protect our privacy against Chinese Gov. The people in China who do not mind the privacy are using the knockoffs of evernote provided by Chinese local company. Those knockoffs, they have almost all the advantages, such as localization, lower price, local government support....I am confident when I say I could speak for most of Chinese evernote users that the ONLY reason we use your service instead of so many knockoffs in China is your data center is out of china's government's reach.

After all things I've said, if you guys still insist on building data center in China, please notify us ahead and give us time to export our data and purge the data from your server permanently. Thanks!

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