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I might be a bit slow on this one, but I just realized I can text a message directly to my EN account. I think this is a great feature, much faster than email or online through my mobile phone. I can't believe I have been using EN all this time and didn't know that I could text myself. :shock:

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Just send the text message to your EN email address. I have actually created an EN contact in my phone book, so I just select that.

Thanks for the info. I thought there'd be a special numeric address, but now I understand.

However, I discovered an unexpected limitation in the iPhone: It seems the iPhone will only accept numerals for the address of a text message. Although you can type letters to locate the name of a person in your address book, the ultimate goal of doing so is to locate his/her mobile phone number -- and that's all that can be selected for a text message.

Workaround: On my computer -- in the Address Book with which the iPhone syncs -- I entered the email address to my evernote account in a phone-number field. (On the computer I found I wasn't restricted to entering only numerals as a "phone number.") In other words, I created an entry for Evernote, whose "phone number" (not email address) is myevernoteaddress12345@evernote.com. MobileMe synced it to my iPhone, and now I can send text to that address, using the iPhone.

(For the record, I also entered the same address as an email address, so I can use either the email or text method.)

I'm always surprised when it seems I'm the first person to try something like this -- or at least, the first to inquire about it in the forum. Before posting, I performed a search, expecting to find a preexisting thread. Anyway, I hope this info is helpful to others. (And thanks again, aleelee28, for your help.)

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I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this too. (I also did a search before posting) I wanted to use Jott to send messages to EN, but didn't think I would use the service enough to go with the premium version. (I do have my Daily Jott email sent to EN) So, I thought to try to send a text straight to EN and was pleasantly surprised when it worked. It is so much easier to send notes with a text than the other options on my phone. I have a Palm Centro, and unfortunately, there is not a mobile version for the Palm OS.

And thanks again, aleelee28, for your help

Glad to help! I figured if I was not aware of this feature, there would be others that didn't realize they could text to Evernote. :D

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