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(Archived) HowTo: Print from Apple iOS to Evernote


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no, only install two programms and make some settings. so i think you need 10 min.

- 'open in' has only 10 apps listet :(

- you can print every thing as PDF to Evernot from any app who support printing

hi. good poimts.

the ten app limit is a problem. i have brought this up in the past with evernote staff. for some reason, evernote never gets placed high on the list, and often gets kicked off by awful apps. the ranking does not seem to improve based on usage or order of installation. i do hope the developers figure out why kindle (for example) always tops the list and they don't.

my solution has been to delete apps or mail (if i have a connection) :(

i see why you suggested this, and hopefully it will help people! thanks :)

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