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(Archived) QRcodes / 2D barecodes in the roadmap?

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Will QRcode and 2D barcode features be added ?

I will be going to Japan, and would like to capture these.

tagging them is fine, but looking for the URL's embedded in the images later on would be



love the new version today......works great on my Motorola Q ...with Sprint....


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When I went to Japan a couple of years ago, those 2D codes were on every sign in the subway, and all of the cameraphones automatically converted them into text URLs (the camera viewfinders had little targetting rectangles that you'd use to center the barcode). These text URLs could obviously be mailed in to your Evernote account, etc.

I went back to Japan in May, and I could barely find these any more. It seems like they dropped from favor very quickly, unless I was completely missing something.

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