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(Archived) HOWTO: Are there "file pointers" in EN or a plugin that does this?

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Hi all-

First, thanks for the fantastic app and for the community. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I have several notes which include large music files. These files already exist on each computer and device in my music library, so don't really need to be uploaded to EN servers to sync. This defult process also uses a lot of my storage capacity on the EN server, which is silly as the files already exist on each machine.

Is there a way to use a "pointer" of some sort, something I could still insert in my note which includes a play button but references the music file on the machine instead of a redundant copy donwloaded from EN?

Thanks again,


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Hi - it's nice to see someone cultured in the Forumses for a change..

If you're happy to do so, you could include a link to the music file in your note - find the file on your hard drive, then (in Windows) right-click and choose 'create shortcut' and then drag / drop the shortcut to your note. When clicked, the file should open up in your local media player. If the file is in exactly the same folder structure on both machines, you may be able to use the same shortcut. If not, do the same on your other machine and drag/ drop a new shortcut into the note.

There are more technical ways to get the shortcut into a note - this is just the lazy route!

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