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(Archived) Feature Suggestion: Highlight background of Notebook and Tag


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selections on the mobile app and the desktop/laptop app would be great.

Presently, when I open my EN app on my phone, and choose either "Notebooks" or "Tags" as an option to view

the resulting menu shows those items.

What I would like to see, is an option to highlight the background of those resulting menu items.

For example: with that option, I could have my contact notebook/tag highlighted in a light Blue color or my Receipts notebook in

a Light Red color and so on.

the bland green on white is fine but with a color ability, its a no brainer to tap that and increase the speed of use...

I believe this would help, as color - eye - brain reference is a great tool.

this option could be a local item, but best if it could also be a sync'd item - if you change it on your desktop it should change on your

other platforms ( mobile - tablet etc..)

I do understand that this option may not be available on the internet platform.

anyway just a suggestion... and if it is already an option, excuse my Noob ways... Matt Day

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yeah I was golfing today and saw some stuff i needed to save, the bright day, was a pain, if I had a color background on the choices

i wouldnt have to work so hard to see what it says.

I would also like to see the desktop app be more customizable, colors etc... and maybe an area (positional box) if you want to display blogs or useful evernote posts, hints or tips... maybe even a random note of your own, that appears, something yu may have just forgotten about?

by the way... I am going premium after this post... Thanks EN people - looking forward to the years to come!... Matt Day

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