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I don't own an iPhone, however I usually can use the Nokia n800 Internet Tablet's web browser to access most iPhone sites. However, whenever I try to login to the iPhone version (www.evernote.com/iPhone) it takes me to a login page where I enter my details but then the next screen just stays stuck on loading. I can see the Evernote interface but no notes show up, just loading.

I've tried this on my desktop as well (and even tried switching user agents to see if that would work). Is there anything that's specifically stopping any non-IPhone device from using this page?

I would use the web version, however the amount of code on it leads to an extremely slow loading time on my tablet. So I usually wind up using the mobile interface when I have to see the notes.

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Yeah, I use the mobile interface on my tablet already. It's just missing some features I would like to have. For example, if I wanted to put an image onto there from my tablet, I would have to email it to my evernote email, then go back and tag or do whatever. I guess I'll wait for the Linux client (if it's still coming) and hope that someone will port it to my tablet. :)

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Try going to this URL instead: http://www.evernote.com/m

The other URL is very specific to the iPhone, and contains lots of Javascript (etc.) that won't run on other browsers.

The basic mobile web UI is definitely fast, although it doesn't have the full feature set of a desktop web UI.

I have an iPhone and am trying to use the mobile interface for the iphone and I'm having the same problem. Once I get past the login problem (having to push the login button more than once) it shows me a basically blank screen with "Loading..." text at the top that never actually loads. When I try to search for notes, nothing happens.

This is what I get:


Yes, I'm aware that there is an iPhone app out there but I'm still on 1.1.4 and am not upgrading for quite a number of reasons, so having the web interface is kind of crucial...

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