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(Archived) BUG: With system-wide keyboard shortcuts




In a rather desperate attempt to go around the one-sort-order to rule them all annoyance (i.e. no per-notebook sort order option) I tried to add a keyboard shortcut for quickly switching between the sort options, in the Keyboard Preferences Pane (cf. screenshot).

It works, but with a strange hiccup: the shortcut is operational only after clicking once on the "Notes by..." menu (the one just above the notes in snippets view). You only need to display the menu, no need to actually select a sort order. After that, the shortcuts work until you quit the application. You then need to start over.

I'm on Lion 10.7.1 with EN 3.0.6.



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I'm having the same issue and it's August 14th.

This seems like a pretty standard Mac app feature and I'm having a hard time feeling confident in evernote's support team — and consequently, their product — if it's been about 5 months since Caul first posted about this issue.

I was trying to remap the bulleted list keyboard shortcuts to the ones google docs use b/c I'm more familiar with that. Also, I wanted to by able to easily hide everything but the writing space and the list of notes, but toggling the sidebar has no menu item (even if I wanted to map a shortcut to it) and I can't map a shortcut to show/hide the favorites bar which is the only way to toggle the sidebar.

It would be nice to have this basic mac app feature. Thanks for taking feedback and I hope this can help your overall userbase in the long term.

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